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TPO Roofing for Commercial Applications

There are many key advantages that make EPDM the perfect choice for low roof pitches. Call for a free estimate and let the professional roofers at Advanced Roofing determine if a flat roof is the best option for your home or business.

If you currently have a leak in your flat roof call immediatly to prevent any additional damage.

Flat Roof Leaks

Flat roof materials last usually 15-20 years with some commercial grade applications lasting up to 30 years. Some flat roofs, however leak within 5-10 years of installation, due to openings in roof at penetrations. (vent pipes, a/c units, fence posts and perimeter flashing).

Commercial and Industrial

Commercial and industrial flat roofs have perimeter issues related to gutters, coping, wall joints, issues at all penetrations and the trickiest leak – HVAC units.

Roof perimeters: Often kept inches’ shy of the edge and neatly sealed to existing or new metal using tar (and fiberglass fabric in most cases). This seal will eventually fail allowing water directly in to building or worse, in between layers of flat roofing, sometimes not noticed until roof becomes beyond repair. The adhesion between top roof and underlying roofs is vital to the top roofs survival (longevity), so avoiding leaks on a multi layered roof is vital. It is as simple as adding about 4 inches of material to the roof perimeter. This enables the roof to continue over the edge, overlapping wall or existing metal coping. This raw edge is then finished with an aluminum drip edge to fasten and cover roofing.

Failed roof seams: Failed seams can result from weather conditions during application, failed material or Poor Workmanship.  In some cases, roof seams fail because the underlying roof, decking or insulation is moving.  Improper fastening of deck, insulation, base sheet or dis-adhesion of underlying roof from deck can transfer stress resulting from contraction of building, causing seems to be pulled apart.  Understanding the cause (not the effect) is essential in this case.  Leaks from the perimeter, internal moisture (condensation) resulting from poor insulation or leaks in the building envelope need to be explored before seams are patched.  More often than not the roof seams on a multiple layered Long Island low slope roof are failing because of other catalysts.  TPO and Modified Bitumen roofs are our GO-TO roofing membranes for commercial applications as they both utilize MOLECULAR WELDING.  When trained properly (and with the help of precision Robot welders) instant bonding thru heat welding is achieved.  EPDM is a great material that can last 30 or more years but the seams require extensive prep work, minimum temperature requirement, air moisture affects the bond, the bonding materials have expiration and storage requirements and the set up time is variable based on many conditions, all together creating too much RISK.  EPDM is however very flexible and comes in the largest sheets (as wide as 20 feet).  It is black vs. TPO is white and therefore needed for aesthetics.  For flexibility, small jobs and tight spaces where heat should not be used EPDM is used.

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